Fitness Training in Collierville, TN

Empowering Practical Fitness Training

With an emphasis on building strong bodies and even stronger minds, we prioritize practical fitness skills. Our fitness training sessions incorporate invaluable self-defense techniques to educate and empower the community in and out of the gym. With our holistic approach, we help you transform your physical and mental stamina, unlocking your full potential.

 Master the Art of Self-Defense 

The importance of adopting self-defense strategies cannot be overstated. Self-defense skills are a vital aspect of enhancing your well-being. That’s why our fitness training sessions help you build practical and effective self-defense skills that equip you with the confidence, situational awareness, and reaction times to navigate your day-to-day life with a greater sense of security.

Adopt & Refine Your Fitness Skillset

Adopt new skills and refine existing ones with our well-rounded kickboxing fitness dynamic. Our programs focus on the following skill-building techniques:

  • Different variations of punches
  • Muay Thai kickboxing round kicks and push kicks
  • Muay Thai kickboxing straight, angled, and round knee
  • Core strengthening abdominal exercises
  • Resistance training
  • Yoga poses

 Western Boxing & Muay Thai Training 

With our program, students will learn and utilize different variations of Western Boxing punches, including the jab, cross, hook, and uppercut. These upper-body strengthening techniques promote increased muscle endurance and toning. Muay Thai kickboxing round kicks, push kicks, straight, angled, and round knees are also incorporated for amplified core and lower-body strengthening and toning.

Core Strengthening Abdominal Exercises

Our certified fitness instructor will have students use a variety of abdominal exercises during our 45-minute fitness training session. These core strengthening drills hit all different angles to promote toning and stamina for a lean, strong core.

Yoga Poses

Strength is more than big muscles and good cardio. That’s why we include basic yoga poses throughout our fitness training program. Yoga poses are the key to unlocking flexibility, balance, and better posture while doubling as an excellent stress reliever for a healthier mind and body.

Breaking Down Barriers With Tailored Fitness Training

There are no barriers or limitations when it comes to developing self-defense and fitness skills. From beginners to fitness enthusiasts, Collierville Fitness Kickboxing’s custom-tailored programs cater to varying athletic levels, needs, and goals. From the basic foundational skills to refining your techniques, our personalized sessions are designed to align with your objectives.

 Hone Your Skills With a Renowned Certified Fitness Trainer

Collierville Fitness Kickboxing is comprised of the industry’s most experienced instructors. Qualified to lead fitness and self-defense programs, our team offers a comprehensive fitness training curriculum. Whether you’re starting a weight-loss journey, refining your defensive techniques, or looking to improve your overall physical and mental wellness, we’re here to guide you.

 Alleviate Pain With Personalized Coaching

Many look to personal fitness training during recovery from injuries, surgery, or illness. A sound mind and strong body are integral components of wellness, so don’t let common pains hold you back. Our team is here to coach you through a personalized workout, ensuring proper form and safe equipment handling to help you optimize your health.

 Choose Collierville Fitness Kickboxing

Eliminate the dullness of standard gym settings and invest in your mind and body. Recognized by the Commercial Appeal for the “Memphis Most Award for Best Fitness Gym,” we set the standard for holistic fitness training and self-defense. Our tailored workouts integrate physical strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance for confidence that empowers you beyond the gym.

 Invest In Yourself – Contact Us Today

Transform your mind and body with Collierville Fitness Kickboxing in Collierville, TN. Discover a comprehensive approach to fitness training and self-defense skill-building with certified experts who want to see you thrive. Contact us to learn more or schedule your free trial class to experience our energetic and inclusive environment for yourself today.

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