Fitness Kickboxing Gym in Collierville, TN

Eliminate the Guesswork with Our Kickboxing FAQ

Discover total fitness kickboxing classes and self-defense excellence in Collierville, TN. If you’re looking to invest in your mind and body, you may have questions about getting started. To ease your transition towards a healthier lifestyle, Collierville Fitness Kickboxing is here to eliminate the guesswork with our comprehensive FAQ.

 Why Learn Self-Defense?

Learning self-defense contributes to your physical health and mental well-being. This empowering fitness skill provides you with the knowledge, confidence, and strength to effectively navigate real-world situations. With our approach, students become equipped with practical skills and the added bonus of a great fitness workout without sacrificing enjoyment during our training session.

 Can I Learn Self-Defense Online?

There are online self-defense resources. However, these are not substitutes for face-to-face fitness and self-defense training with our certified instructors. Online self-defense training does not allow real-time feedback, personalized guidance, proper form corrections, or hands-on learning opportunities. Our help ensures you learn and apply each technique safely and effectively.

 How Long Is the Face-to-Face Training?

Our fitness kickboxing sessions consist of 45-minute intervals. During this time, students get a comprehensive workout that includes a full warm-up, a combination of kickboxing fitness drills, core strengthening and resistance training exercises, and yoga poses to cool down and stretch for maximum results.

 How Often Should I Have Self-Defense Training?

Intensity fitness and kickboxing classes are entirely at your own pace. We want our students to feel comfortable and encourage you to take as many classes as you desire. However, three classes per week is an ideal minimum to gain the most from our fitness kickboxing.

 Do You Have to Be Physically Fit?

At Collierville Fitness Kickboxing, we cater to all fitness levels. Whether it’s your first fitness class or you’re an experienced workout enthusiast, we take a personalized approach to accommodate varying skill sets. We strive to match your current capabilities, refine your existing skills, and gradually increase the challenge as you progress to yield maximum results.

 Are Locker Rooms Available?

Our state-of-the-art fitness kickboxing facility is designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. We provide full-stack locker rooms for our students, including free lockers to securely store your belongings and shower facilities. Please note you are responsible for bringing your lock, as locks are not provided.

 Can I Bring My Own Trainer?

Collierville Fitness Kickboxing boasts a team of certified fitness kickboxing instructors. As such, we do not accept outside trainers at our facility. We ask that you please respect this policy, as failure to do so may result in the termination of your membership.

 Is There a Dress Code?

We ask that you wear appropriate gym attire when they arrive for their kickboxing workout. We recommend that you wear something comfortable that allows for ample movement, such as a t-shirt, sweat pants, shorts, athletic pants, and running shoes. Flip flops, sports bras, jeans, and boots are prohibited in the workout area.

 Are These Classes Similar to Thai Bo or Cardio Kickboxing?

At Collierville Fitness Kickboxing, we take fitness kickboxing beyond Thai Bo or cardio kickboxing classes. Unlike Thai Bo and cardio kickboxing, our programs involve real, high-quality bags and are led by certified kickboxing coaches rather than aerobics instructors. Our approach offers an unmatched workout without compromising on proper technique.

 Will This Cause Me to Gain Muscle?

Kickboxing for fitness includes resistance and strength training drills. However, it is not designed to promote muscle mass. Instead, fitness kickboxing is geared towards toning and conditioning your existing muscles.

 What If I Can’t Do Some of the Exercises In the Class?

Our fitness kickboxing instructors understand that students will face varying exercise challenges. That’s why we offer alternatives for each move and technique we introduce, helping you build your strength, stamina, and skillset. If you cannot achieve an exercise, don’t worry; you can always substitute it with something else.

 Get Started with Collierville Fitness Kickboxing

Welcome to the world of self-defense, fitness kickboxing, and empowerment in Collierville, TN. Take the first step towards a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle with our community of fitness kickboxing experts. Contact us today to learn more or get started with our fitness kickboxing first-time free trial.

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